WHOOPSIE - Santa Red Velvet Ruche Bells

WHOOPSIE - Santa Red Velvet Ruche Bells

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WHOOPSIE - These RTS pairs the elastic is not as tight as we like it for the ruching.  This results in the ruching detail to not be as tight. Pictured is an example of the whoopsie pair. They are still super cute and at a great price! 

You know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Well, we're gonna break it anyway. These Ruche Bells are a retro twist on our original design, and they're so cute that you’ve got to try them out! 

The BELL BOTTOMS you've been dreaming of are here! They're made with a faux leather fabric that is breathable and comfortably worn in all seasons. They have our classic ruche detailing on the side seams and fun bell bottoms that are all over fashion right now. 

So go ahead—take a chance on these gorgeous Ruche Bells, and add them to cart. You'll be glad you did!

** Faux Leather is not meant to be worn on rough carpet or surfaces where your child is playing/crawling. Excessive rubbing will damage the material.

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